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Class Schedule

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                                          Our Milwaukee Location Re-Opens on May 5th, 2024. Door "opens" 10-minutes prior to each session.
                          Door remains locked. Ring Bell & Wait 1-3 minutes to be let in. No late/early entry or early departure is permitted. 

 Inner High Yogashala is an ever evolving yoga community in based in Riverwest, Milwaukee, WI, USA half of the year and in other countries such as  Thailand, India and Mexico to name a few, the other half of the year. We also host classes and workshops globally many other places! Keep up with where we're at and attend a class or retreat in-person or online! See Tentative Schedule Below. 

                                          2023-2025           Current & Upcoming Class Locations: 
                                          May-October 2024 Milwaukee, WI at Inner High Yoga Shala

                                          November 2024-April 2025: Asia (Thailand, Japan, etc TBD) 

Founded in June 2020, Inner High Yogashala provides in studio & virtual yoga classes, yoga and meditation retreats, Thai-bodywork and Reiki sessions. We also host events such as Full-Day In-house Retreats, Weekend Yoga Socials, Kirtan, Ecstatic Dance, barefoot hip-hop & pop dance classes, sound bath, outdoor yoga, beach yoga and Bike2Yoga. We share yogic knowledge as a holistic lifestyle and  do our best to help our students develop and transform through dedicated practice of these ancient methods and modern, non-dogmatic, inclusive wisdom. 


      Beginners are always welcome, as we are able to adapt the practice to each individuals needs, while still integrating everyone into the group energy! Our Milwaukee shala hosts a quaint 8 students, while our outdoor and retreat classes accommodate 20-60 students depending on the venue. We have a no tolerance
policy for bigotry or discrimination of any kind and our Milwaukee restroom is an all-gender restroom in our Milwaukee shala.  
      Asana, pranayama and meditation classes are held 6 days a week. We encourage daily practice of the yamas and niyamas. We are closed Mondays for rest and Moondays, full and new moons, are reserved for a quiet yin practice & mindful meditation.


      Our teachers have are dedicated yogis with years of practice and experience teaching around the world. We are here to invite you to this transformational practice that carries off your mat and into your world.  

      At IHYS, we focus on integrating all eight limbs of yoga, the true meaning of Ashtanga, as a healthy lifestyle and practice. We also incorporate themes from nature, Taoism, Hinduism, and east-west psychology & philosophies into our teaching and into our being. 
      We as teachers take the time to know and truly connect with our students and their yoga practice, as well as before and after class. Out of respect for the teachers & fellow students, we do not allow late entry or early departure from our sessions. Thank you for being respectful.

    We are located in Milwaukee in Summer and Autumn and abroad during Winter and Spring. If you are interested in joining our sessions online or in-person or joyful retreats abroad follow us on instagram and check back on this site! 
      Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.
      Rae Bu Luck, Shala Owner & Teacher

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Our Background

Inner High Yoga Shala teachers are highly experienced, dedicated yogis and certified teachers, committed to their yoga practice and mindful lifestyle. As a shala, we are dedicated to sharing wisdom and experience of Patanjali's Ashtanga, the 8-limbs of yoga, through mindful, physical asana and pranayama practices and meditation gracefully with each student.
Shala means home, and that we hope you will feel welcome here.
You may come in curious and leave transformed from this powerful practice.
Repeated practice is recommended as consistently yields the greatest reward of inner peace, and the "inner high," that comes from turning inward for happiness and carrying that bliss with you off the mat, to every being you meet. 
We are here to adapt the practice for your individual needs and level. 
For more information about the classes and services we provide, reach out via contact or sign-up for a session!

Inner High Class Descriptions

Uplifting & Liberating Experiences.

No matter what your needs are in class, Inner High Yoga Shala Teachers offer the support you deserve.
The more you come to class, the better we can know and tailor the practice to your needs. Browse through our comprehensive range of services below to learn more about what developing a consistent yoga practice
can bring into your life.

Vinyasa & Ashtanga Vinyasa 

A mindful dynamic practice of postures (asanas) sequenced creatively and flowing with the breath (pranayama). The teacher designs this class to be a balanced practice with warm-up, focus, and cool down. 

Awareness & practice of Yamas, Niyamas,  and Chakras is encouraged and developed. 

Hatha Yog

All asanas are Hatha asanas by definition, but this particular class has a more static sequencing than vinyasa, and is ideal for beginners or many older folks.  This class incorporates a complete practice by moving from posture to posture in a slow and mediative fashion without the cyclical nature of vinyasa. 

Yin, Yin & Yang 

The most slow and deep stretch for the mind, body and spirit of all of our asana sessions.
Postures are held for longer periods of time, more mantra chanting, mudras, and pranayama exercises
are incorporated in this style. Yin & Yang style yoga here at IHYS includes approximately 1/2 "yang" asanas often sequenced in a vinyasa flow and 1/2 
meditative, slow, longer-held, passive "yin"postures with pranayama

exercises, chanting and mudras. 

Ashtanga Primary/Yoga Chikitsa 

A set sequence of postures based on the practice of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Sarath Jois & Saraswati Jois. At IHYS adaptations are welcome. We practice the opening and closing chants together as well as the closing pranayama and meditation. When advanced students are present, we may incorporate postures from the secondary series /Nadi Shodham as well. Rae has had the honor to study and practice with Saraswati, Sharmila and Sharath Jois in 2018 & 2019. At IHYS, we also work-shop postures, so class varies day to day. 

Led Full Primary Series 

The full series of asanas, mantras and pranayama as presented to us by Pattabhi Jois,
Sharath Jois & Saraswati Jois. This is a practice for intermediate and advanced students. 

Meditation & Pranayama Breathwork

All asanas are meant to provide ease into our bodies and create a space for us to meditate properly. 

Meditation is a practice that can be done on your yoga mat, or throughout the day, from as little as 2 minutes to as long as several hours. At IHYS, we help you develop this skill, to ease your stress, reduce dis-ease in your being and create a more balanced existance from within. Pranayama breathwork techniques are easy and enjoyable to do, and have a nearly instant result and lasting impact on our brains and being. 

important aspect 

Nada Yoga, Soundbath+ Kirtan 

Everything is vibration and these forms of yoga help to purify the mind and body through sound,
chanting, and various musical instruments.

Barefoot Hip-Hop Dance, Barefoot Pop Dance, Ecstatic Dance

Barefoot Hip-Hop & Pop Dance are one-hour dance classes choreographed by Rae Bu Luck. Come move your 

body and make friends while doing one of the healthiest & most fun forms of exercise. 

Ecstatic Dance is a form of silent, free-form dance that is done barefoot as well, to music, with no talking

no substances, no contact and no set choreography. Come set your soul free and stay for tea after! 


Reiki & Thai Yoga Bodywork

A relaxing and comforting experience, every time. 

Balance your energy (prana, chi/qi) with some assistance from our Reiki or Thai Yoga Bodywork Sessions. Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho) healing technique is based on the principle that the practitioner can channel energy into the patient by means of touch or near touch and specific symbols, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Thai Bodywork is a traditional therapy combining acupressure, Indian & Thai Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. These practices are used all around the globe to promote optimum health for the recipient. The recipient is fully clothed, 

while the practitioner moves the recipient into seated, supine, prone postures, applying strategic pressure on the energy lines and utilizing applied yoga postures to create a comfortable, relaxing and pleasant experience which can easy pain, stress and anxiety.  

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Tuesday - Sunday | 6am-8pm 
Special Schedule on Full & New Moon days.

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